Camping Ordinance

Ordinance to Regulate Camping/Camper Storage

Ordinance Number 41.000




41.001  Section1. Purpose

To regulate camping units within Holton Township not covered by Michigan Public Health Code Act 368 of 1978, as amended, and Mobile Home Commission Act 96 of 1987, as amended.


41.002  Section 2. Prohibitions

No one shall occupy or locate a camping unit within the Township of Holton except in conformity with these regulations.


41.003  Section 3. Definitions

A.  Camping – To live for a time in a camping unit, as when on vacation.

B. Camping Unit – A motor home, fifth-wheel trailer, travel trailer, folding tent camper [pop-up], truck camper, van conversion, or tent as commonly understood in the industry, or some other vehicle which has been converted for such use.

C.  Owner – Person who has legal title to the property.

D.  Primary Residence – Address eligible for principle residence exemption by the State of Michigan.

E.  Special Event Camping – Any civic, religious, business or fraternal organization sponsoring an event such as, but not limited to:  A rally, concert, revival, reunion, pow-wow, or any other event attended by the membership of the organization and/or public.


41.004  Section 4. Conformity

A.  Campers and camping units are subject to, and must conform to, all laws, ordinances, and regulations at all levels of Government, Federal, State, County, and Township.  Campers and other wheeled camping units must have valid plates, registration, and be road worthy.

B.  Camping units shall be removed from all parcels after 14 total days per calendar year where an approved camping permit is not in effect or camping unit is not allowed under other conditions set forth in Sections 5, 6, & 8 contained in this Ordinance.

C.  Camping permit must be posted at campsite.

D.  Property owner is responsible for proper control of campers, site management, removal of garbage, and parking of additional vehicles.

E.  Campsites cannot be improved beyond temporary purposes such as, but not limited to:  Picnic table, fire pit, and/or children’s play apparatus.


41.005  Section 5. Parking and Storage

A.  No camping unit shall be parked overnight on any public highway, street or alley within the Township.

B.  Storage is allowed at owner’s primary residence, or it’s commonly owned contiguous parcel(s), for the owner’s camping units and one non-resident camping unit as long as they are ten (10) feet from other structures.  Front, side, and back property line setbacks must apply.


41.006  Section 6. Owner Camping

A property owner is allowed to use one camping unit located at his primary residence, or it’s commonly owned contiguous parcel(s), for personal use without a permit or cumulative day limits.


41.007  Section 7. Visitor Camping

A property owner may have visitor camping units on his property for up to fourteen (14) total days per calendar year without a permit.


41.008  Section 8. Special Event Camping

A.  Special event camping requires a camping permit.

B.  A two thousand ($2,000) dollar security deposit is required.

C.  Provision for security, parking, trash removal, and toilet facilities must be provided.

D.  Special event camping is limited to four (4) consecutive days unless permission is given by the Township for additional days.


41.009  Section 9. Penalty

Any person, partnership, firm, association, or corporation who fails to comply with the rules as defined and set forth in this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a civil infraction and subject to a fine as set forth in ordinance number 2001, chapter 42.


41.010  Section 10. Severability

Should any section of this ordinance be declared invalid, such declaration shall not affect the validity of the remaining sections of this ordinance.


41.011  Section 11. Effective Date

This Ordinance shall become effective thirty (30) days after the date of publication.


Date:  September 10, 2013

Township Clerk

Melanie Johnson

Introduced September 10, 2013

Adopted September 10, 2013

Published September 10, 2013

Effective October 23, 2013